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20th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

[Translation] [News N] JYJ will sue the press, which has revealed the audio file of saseng: “the malicious articles are uncompromisable”
JYJ, 사생 음성파일 공개 매체 고소 “악의적 기사, 타협할 수 없다”

Credit: News N, Reporter Lee Minji
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JYJ stated its official position on the reveal of audio file related to saseng.

In the morning on March 20th, an internet press revealed additional audio file of Kim Jaejoong related to the controversy of assaulting saseng and pointed out “this is the problem of assault. He cannot get away with the dichotomy of view saying it is not a fan but saseng.”

About this, JYJ’s agency C-JES Entertainment stated its official position “we believe these are malicious articles just to strike a blow to JYJ members that no one wants. Because we cannot compromise to continuous defames and malicious articles, we unavoidably decided to take legal action against them.”

Also, they gave notice that they will respond strongly and sternly saying “We have already requested to prepare a complaint for libel and it will be filed today. Their action is incomprehensible especially when members are deeply wounded by the loss of Park Yuchun’s father.

Sejong, the attorney of JYJ, pointed out “making public the illegally recorded audio file with one’s real name without permission of the person is an obvious libel and invasion of privacy.”

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