A few thoughts about the new #SWATH trailer shown at WonderCon today. I would pay a lot of money to see this movie right NOW!! I can't wait for Monday so everyone can this new trailer!

It has a lot more of Kristen in it and her English accent is so good. She escapes from the prison and bestows some pain on the hateful old man tormenting her...so badass!

We've seen her jump down the hole to escape her captors in the first trailer and in this one we see her go through the hole and watch from above as she falls a long way down into the the water.

Many more scenes with Kristen & Chris and finally we see all the dwarves...and may I say the dwarves are p e r f e c t!!

The dwarves give us more info about Snow White as they take their time rescuing her and the Huntsman. They are both bound and hanging upside down in a tree :))

We see Snow walking through the forest and hear one of the dwarves talking about her...who she really is...it's very magical and mystical.

There's also extended battlefield scenes from overhead and more of Snow White leading her army. Lots more of the evil Queen and...

A fun scene: Snow White and the Huntsman are fighting off attackers and it was so funny when he asks Snow White why the Queen wants to kill her and she snaps back that he should know since the Queen sent him...it'll make more sense when you see it :))

I don't want to give too much away and perhaps I've said too much already! :) It's just so awesome!!

There was applause when the panel started but after the SWATH trailer was shown there was thunderous applause and shouts! It's going to be EPIC!!!!

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