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17th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

[Translation] [Video][KBS] KBS news on JYJ in South America
Credit: KBS, JjYcJs1

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Translated and written by @dlwpdldhkdlwp
- KBS also talked about other idol groups and K-pop several times in between JYJ’s parts. Those parts are excluded on youtube video.
-Names were written in Korean so the spelling of names might be totally wrong.
-Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
-No infringement of copyright intended.
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Following the drama, nowadays our Idols’ songs and dances, which are called as K-pop, are leading Hallyu(Korean Wave). South-East Asia, Europe and even South America from the other side of the world are in the grip of the K-pop fever. South American fans are particularly extraordinary with the passion and love for K-pop. The correspondent Park Junsik covered the world of passionate fans in South America.

Around 3000 K-pop fans filled up the concert venue in Santiago. It was the first exclusive concert by a popular K-pop group in Chile. Fans jump up and down, sing along Korean songs and cannot take their eyes off from Korean Stars’ body moves. Because they waited for so long, the first reaction after directly seeing Stars was crying.

[Melisa, K-pop fan from Chile]
I have waited for several years. I am extremely happy. IT was my dream to see them once.

The voice that they wanted to hear not from internet but directly

[JYJ Kim Junsu] (TN: They did not mention JYJ or Kim Junsu on the caption)

Let’s go!

[JYJ Park Yuchun] (TN: They did not mention JYJ or Park Yuchun on the caption)

How are you?

Fans scream even with short greetings in Spanish. There are even fans who pass out. As popular K-pop groups started targeting Latin, the market in South America, which had been the slowest with Hallyu, is rising as the blue ocean for K-pop.

The city of desert: Lima, Peru.

The airport of Lima, the gateway of northwest South America, almost got conquered by K-pop fans. In order to see K-pop stars, who came to visit their own country for the first time, from far away, fans desperately run and run. The chase continues until the hotel. With stars’ simple gestures, the streets around the hotel get congested.

The characteristic of K-pop fans in South America is they are pertinaciously zealous. They line up in a long queue rather early and even brought tents.

[Diana Isbaela: K-pop fan from Peru]
(Is it not strenuous to wait?) No. If we can see stars, it is never strenuous.

Hardcore fans even spend nights near the concert venue. The inconvenience of sleeping in the open is not problematic.

[Gabriella: K-pop fan from Bolivia]
I came here one week before and I am waiting for the concert. I went to the airport and sleeping in the open for two nights.

The hard love from South American fans to K-pop stars. In order to repay this zeal, stars bring all their energies on the stage even after 30 hours of long flight.

[JYJ Kim Jaejoong]
I felt the passion of South America is extremely amazing and the love for K-pop is amazing. If there is another chance to come to South America, we will come again and hold special performance again.

Although K-pop fans in South America lack income, they willingly spend money for K-pop. The average ticket price of group JYJ’s South America Tour is around 100 thousand Won. But all the tickets including VIP, which costs near 200 thousand Won, were sold out and 1000 additional tickets were sold in Peru. It is not easy considering most K-pop fans in South America are students who live allowance from parents.

[Dominica: K-pop fan from Chile (a student who bought VIP ticket)]
It is worthy if I can see them from close. I saved money and borrowed some from my friend.

They also spend lots of their time. There are many fans who learn Korean to understand the lyrics of K-pop songs.

[A fan sings Korean song]
I even loved the sorrow.
(TN: Junsu sang the song at TVXQ’s Reversal/Twist Theater. I add a link of Junsu singing different songs on radio and TV. You can watch from 2:06 for this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkKe8BQKiu0 )

The local presses in South America have amicable attitude. Many South America media including the broadcasting company which imported and aired 19 Korean dramas since 2009 report the news about concerts of Korean K-pop singers.

[Espinsoa, the program director of Panamericanan TV]
I was shocked many people buy Korean dramas and Korean music CDs at shopping malls which sell DVDs. You can see this not only from Lima but in other regions.

[Ariana, the sales staff]
Korean K-pop CDs are selling very well. There are many people who are looking for the original CDs especially this week.

There is a concern rising with the spreading of K-pop fever. How to keep this hot fever became the important task.

[Fidel Gutieres: A public culture reporter]
There are two important things in order to keep K-pop fever. First, Korean singers need to visit frequently. And, there needs to be official distribution of music contents.

South America became the blue ocean for K-pop. The K-pop wave became storm in South America and sweeping the continent.

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