Translated leaked email seen here from Khaled to Assad relaying intelligence information from Nir Rosen during his stay in Baba Amr Homs

From a verified source that met with the Baba Amr opposition group today, a large shipment of weapons is coming from Libya will be reaching the shores of a nearby country and then they will be smuggled into Syria. These are advanced weapons and most likely it will be coming via an illegal port of Tripoli.

The opposition gave specific instructions to decrease the clashes with the regime’s army in order to save the lives of opposition fighters until the weapon shipment arrives. Nir Rosen was also able to penetrate Baba Amr (the besieged) and he personally informed me that several western journalists entered the area via illegal routes and from the Lebanese border. Among the media envoys are a French and a German journalist. Opposition fighters are monitoring the streets and especially the Khaled Bin Walid Battalion, which has suggested a special operations by its checkpoints and its vicinities. Checkpoints were suggested to be relocated as needed. We must maintain a close watch on these checkpoints and give out orders accordingly.
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Follow-up email in English to Hadeel an Assad aid

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