@Pasimfic_Wiki We looped in our technical director and this feedback is from him regarding the routing link you sent over:


Nice analysis. Let me go item-by-item:
- “broken lines” issue – correctly identified as irrelevant. The lines are straight, don’t follow the terrain.
- The boxier the better – correct
- Align to grid – not entirely true. The routing is using tri-grid to make it slightly irregular. Aligning to grid may improve in some cases and actually make it worse in others. Besides, I am not quite sure what grid are they trying to align it to. I would not follow this one strictly.
- The micro-optimization of red and blue paints is not advisable. They are trading one potential problem with another.
- (*) “don’t cover roads, lots, spawners or any other interactive objects with non routable paint” – absolutely.
- (*) “do not overlap roads, or overlap a lot with a road” – definitely.
- “try to keep aesthetic only type objects free of routable areas” – sensible suggestion, not an absolute but a good guideline.
- “don’t go absolutely insane with super narrow paths” – true again.

Only the two starred items are definite requirements, the rest are suggestions. In most cases I would expect the net effect of following these suggestions compared to doing what feels right to be rather minimal, both in performance and route quality. The list did not get the nastier issue that causes huge performance impact – creating long handle-like routable areas that force Sims to go around big parts of the world.

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