This here is the end. I know that attention helps you gain some sort of gross satisfaction, alas, I am going to do it anyway. @girlpower500 you embarrass me, and you embarrass yourself. You may think you are tipping the scale in your favor, but know your yearlong, constant assailment towards myself and my friends in mass form just proves the validity and the dedication of the true fans who stand up for me after your attacks. I am not selfish, nor any of the other horrendous words you use to describe me. Life takes place in the tangible world, not on a barren screen with a blinking curser, and I embrace that. Your anger towards my lack of tweeting is unfathomable and unnecessary. The very fact that I am taking time out of writing a midterm paper to proclaim this disgusts me, albeit I have received just about the last text from friends telling me my fans are "annoying" when in fact, it's just you. I have the most spectacular, faithful, (patient) and loving fans. Fans that make me birthday videos from across the globe (thanks @osmentnews) and fans that are always concerned with my well-being if I am not tweeting, not my selfishness. It is pretty self-evident my feelings about bullying, and I suggest you please take your anger elsewhere and rid me from your wrath. To the one million, six hundred and twenty five thousand, two hundred and seventeen of you who may, or may not read this, know I appreciate your commitment, your questions, pictures, comments and respect withstanding. As my catholic roots tell me "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and use twitter as a place for the best kind of communication, not bullying. All love, -eo

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