It does NOT. And THANK YOU for bringing up THE MOST RELEVANT point in the ENTIRE 2012 discussion NO ONE (well, except for me and a handful of other people) talks about! THEREIN lies the discrepancy, that the ENTIRE 2012 discussion is flawed BECAUSE our (!) calendar does NOT line up with the Mayan one.

Translation: In reality, it actually is NOT the year 2012 right now...

How come? Grave mistakes have been made in the counting of OUR OWN calendar! THIS means ours can't line up with the others.

Case in point:

1) Have you ever noticed how we went from 1BC to 1AD? There never was a year ZERO? Mathematically, that is incorrect and it means that we are ALREADY off by one year... So right now, it is either 2011 or already 2013...

2) Do we REALLY know (!) when our calendar began? Was it at the birth of Christ, or at his "death"? If it began when he was born, then that would put the beginning of our calendar at BEFORE 5BC, because that is when King Herod apparently died.

This means we're off by at least (!) SIX years.

3) And if it began when Jesus "died" on the cross (which he did not, he went to France and then back to India where he apparently died in Kashmir), when was that really? Do we know? Was Jesus nailed to the cross when he was 33? 32? ...or as some scholars suggest at 35, 36 and even 38?

4) Did our calendar begin AFTER the Romans instituted Christianity as their new official religion which was around 300AD?

5) Scholars in both the United States and Italy HAVE proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that MASSIVE mistakes were made in the Middle Ages when it was the sole responsibility of monks (!) to record our years and various dates...

SO! Can you say "clusterfuck"? ;)

RT‏ @bookwormchef Is our Julian calendar lined up with the Mayan calendar, date wise? Pardon if this has been asked previously.

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