To clarify: I've been around the block long enough that while better, more realistic graphics are always impressive, a jump in visuals for games doesn't excite me near like it used to. The thrill wears off very quick and because it does, the increased budgets and time needed to create these next-next-gen games becomes a more frustrating pill to swallow. So when Edge asked if I was excited about new consoles, and when I said- in essence- I was not, I was referring to this. I was referring to the fact that UNLESS the next gen of consoles are unique and fresh and bring something substantially more to the table, I could not care less about next gen from a sense of WHAT the new boxes will let us- as game makers- create.

When I went on to say I was looking at doing a next-gen game, I was NOT contradicting myself. Just because I'm not excited about the new tech (from what little I know of it...hell, if it is really innovative and lets our games be better and not just look better, I WILL be excited for it)...but assuming that's not the case: just because I'm not excited for next-gen tech, doesn't mean I'm not very excited to make a next- gen game with our new studio. Big budget, character/story*, new IP games often times NEED to be on the latest consoles and while the next-gen tech of consoles so far has me very 'whatever', the desire to work with an amazing team to help create a big budget, character/story, new IP has me very jazzed!


* And before you show off your poor listening comprehension skills and claim I hate stories in games, please re-watch the DICE speech that some1 is SURE to reference when telling me I'm a contradictory douche :). Thanks!

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