Facebook Chat with Adam Lambert.

'Kathy- i THINK im doing promo in SD at the end of the month'

'HOT 99.5
haha you're all asking me questions about things that havent happened yet! haha I dont have everything planned so far in advance... I kinda create as i go... ya know?'

(Adam is the HOT 99.5 one)

When is Maypril?
- 'HOT 99.5 between april and may'

Loving the new songs so far, esp. Chokehold. Have you made a decision about next single?
- 'HOT 99.5 not yet'

sleep on your side, stomach, or back?
- 'HOT 99.5 my back mostly'

Hi Adam. How long do you need to learn the lyrics of a new songs and is it difficult for you to remember them after you wrote a new song ?
- 'HOT 99.5 Ive been living and obsessing over these songs for so long that i know the lyrics like the back of my hand'

Who's washing the juicer, Adam?
- 'HOT 99.5 we trade off :)'

I know you're an astrology buff ..how many, if any, of your decisions are based on astrological charts or things like mercury retrograde, etc.: (myhoope)
- 'HOT 99.5 Im not into it that much... I enjoy astrology in relation to people's character traits'

From where you took inspiration to write Cuckoo? It's so crazy!
- 'HOT 99.5 from my own crazy'

what's your least favorite color?
- 'HOT 99.5 not into pink'

do you have any favourite finnish singer or band? :)
- 'HOT 99.5 I remember liking The Rasmus when i was living in Germany years ago'

HI, A! Just curious about the new song from Cobalt--the one with "911" in the lyrics--which one is that? LOVE all the new songs so far. I can see why it's difficult to choose the second single!
- 'HOT 99.5 thats NAKED LOVE :)'

Moi! Who did you Co-write Cuckoo with? greetings from Helsinki!
- 'HOT 99.5 co-wrote Cuckoo with Bonnie McKee and Oligee and Josh Abraham'

Hi Adam. What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?
- 'HOT 99.5 anything blue. i hate green gum...'

Does the juice taste good or do you just drink it because of the health benefits?
- 'HOT 99.5 sorta an aquired taste...'

ADAM: Can you please share a line from "Broken English" with me? - Kathryn17
- 'HOT 99.5 ‎"Tower of Babel has fallen down again. Information disarray...."'

Adam- How do you respond to your haters? What do you do when you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up? Oh, and if this would encourage you to answer my question, i think you're awesome(: haha
- 'HOT 99.5 I think in most cases, the best response is the silent treatment...'

Have you ever considered writing a book? :)
- 'HOT 99.5 could i sing it?'

Have you ever got inspiration in ordinary situations or places (during shopping, jogging etc.)? What do u do in these situations? Do you try to memorize them or prefer write/record them?
- 'HOT 99.5 I ALWAYS get ideas while on the treadmill... must be the bloodflow'

Heyy Adam (: Ancient place you want to travel to?
- 'HOT 99.5 Egypt'


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