Broncos Zone contributor @jonmark93 weighs in on the Tim Tebow situation:

As I told @KrystalHeath earlier today, if the Denver Broncos landed Peyton Manning, they could visibly still keep Tim Tebow, despite all of the reports that say the would trade him right away.

The Broncos would have nothing to gain from trading Tebow, they don't want to "get rid of Tebowmania," that doesn't even make sense.

Tebowmania is good for the Broncos, good for jersey sales, good for marketing and good for notoriety.

Realistically, Tebow is worth about a 6th-7th round draft pick or a young QB straight up (say, Blain Gabbert) and that's not worth it from the Broncos' standpoint.

I don't see any team being willing to give the Denver Broncos more than a 4th round pick from Tim Tebow, so it wouldn't be worth trading him.

The team is only paying Tebow around $800,000 this season, so they could easy keep him on the roster with Manning money-wise.

The only way I see the Denver Broncos parting with Tim Tebow is if he goes to EFX and says he wants to be traded.

The Broncos WILL give Tebow a role. Whether that's learning under Manning, special packages or changing his position, he'll get a chance.

Just because ESPN and everyone that doesn't know what they are talking about says the Broncos want to get out of Tebowmania doesn't make it true.

The Denver Broncos could keep Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning on the same team -- if they were cool with it. The team would be fine with it.

And the team would not trade Tebow to avoid a fan outcry about his benching, they've obviously already shown they don't care about public opinion.

If Tim Tebow really wants to do whatever he can to help the Denver Broncos win, he'll accept the role the team gives him this season.

That's just my take, and I'm sticking to it.

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