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11th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

A short story from the Garden:

One spring day Salt decided to plant his own apple tree in his garden. He took his magical seeds and chose the best place under the sun to plant them. He planted the seeds in the best soil and watered them daily. This process was very time consuming and took a lot of patience.

If you know anything about planting an apple tree, then you know that it grows a lot of height, before it bears any fruit. This process takes years to develop.

Salt waited and waited for his apple tree to finally begin to bear fruit. He watched it, watered it, and cared for it. He then hand picked the ripest, sweetest apples off of the tree.

His goal was to create Gardens N’ Apples best applesauce. But first he had to make sure these apples were tough enough to weather the storm, before he mashed them together and jarred them up. So he took the apples around the world and they took the heat, the rain, and the snow.

These apples didn’t only have tough skin, but they were also smart apples. They knew that Salt was the key ingredient, that prevented them from browning and rotting.

During that time the apples were being perfected, to create the best applesauce, the world would ever taste. Salt finally had all the perfect ingredients in place, to create this delicious applesauce. And all the Cinnamon in the world could see it too!

But the food critics keep hounding Salt and his new apples. Salt has no problem sharing the largest supermarket shelves with some of the old apples, but that’s still not good enough for the critics. They want Salt to get rid of some of his ripe, sweet apples, and replace them with sour, rotting apples. The food critics say that Salt will never be able to make the best applesauce, without using old apples.

If you were Salt, would you listen to the food critics? Would you throw out some of the fresh, sweet apples, and replace them with rotting apples? Would you mash them all together, jar them up, and feed them to your friends, your kids, or people you didn’t know? Sure you could add extra sugar or other ingredients to disguise the rotten taste. But whatever you put in, eventually comes out.

Or would you make sweet applesauce, with the ripest apples you grew in your garden? The apples that stood behind Salt and never lost their skin.

In my opinion, the food critics are just bobbing for apples. They have no idea what Salt has lying under his apple tree.

And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Gardens N’ Apples best applesauce!

I bet it will taste f’n sweet… Right down to the core! :)

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