So Saturday night/sunday morning at 4am, my friend and i are at the hotel (good thing that it the week end)anyway, we wait and wait... 5:30 am still nothing. i decide to smoke a last cig and i'll go home, they wont come, or maybe they're already inside, sleeping... buuuut i hear footsteps behind me, and ppl talking english, i turn my head and BAM THE SHOCK! HBG, John and another guy are walking toward me, and right behind them...OUR BBS !! Yep, while we were expecting them in a car, i see them taking a walk in Paris' streets at 6am!! Anyway they keep walking toward me, i look at them and all i can do is to wishper "awwwwww i love you guys", of course they hear me and smile. They pass by me, i watch them from behind, and im like "awww aawwww awwwww" and they're inside the hotel. And im dead !! They were holding each other sooo tight.They were walking "arm in arm". His arm was on her shoulder, she had her arm around his waist, he was holding her sooo close, she was sooo tiny, and perfect in his arms!! he was leaned toward her so their heads were touching and i think their were holding hands with their free hand !!! that why i "awwwww"ed !! it was SUPER CUTE!! It was wonderful to see them walking like a "normal couple" without having to run from papz. I will forever remeber this !!

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