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Points of Caution Regarding the Character Poll
The outcome of this poll is not guaranteed to directly determine which characters will be implemented in the game. It is one source of reference which the Tekken development team will use in deciding the character lineup.
There were some false reports previously stating that this poll will decide which characters will appear in-game, but that is incorrect.
A favorable outcome for a certain character in the poll doesn’t guarantee a place in the game. It may also be the case that a character that don’t show strong results in the poll will possibly be implemented in the game.
Various other marketing research methods, in various regions, will be used in conjunction with this poll to help determine the character lineup. Please keep this in mind when participating in this poll.
Characters that do not appear in the poll are intentionally not included.
Other suggestions regarding the character lineup may be voiced to the Director, Katsuhiro Harada, at @Harada_TEKKEN.
Your suggestions will be reviewed, but there is no guarantee you will receive a reply.

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