A few more notes on that Rondo national TV stat. 13 of Rondo's 17 career triple-doubles have now come in nationally televised games.

Last year, his season-high 26-point game was on national TV, as were 6 of his top 8 assist games.

In 2010, Rondo's top two rebounding games, 13 and 11, both came in, yep, national TV games.

And in 2009, his 32-point destruction of Steve Nash, which was his career-high until two weeks ago, was a Sunday afternoon ABC game.

Not to mention his Christmas Day dominance in Orlando in 2009, or his extraordinary playoff series against Chicago in '09, Cleveland and Orlando in 2010. Or his one-man wrecking crew stat-line in the championship close-out game of the 2008 Finals against the Lakers.

Draw your own conclusion as to what the numbers mean, but the evidence is overwhelming, Rondo is at his most dominant in big, national games.

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