URGENT PLS RT #Cougartown + #Community = SUPER GROUP! @loulzb @jeffraissle @cougartownrally @eviltroyandabed @yvettenbrown @danharmon @goldmanneil @greendale_love @dramakim @vdoozer @cougartownroom @cougartownabc OK, Subway has extended product placement and current ads on CougarTown. Now they're in the Greendale cafeteria. Our sister show is going through a rough patch. DM me for details, I wanna focus on the positive.

If we start buying Subway sandwiches on Monday, a la Chuck, but as a COMBINED FAN GROUP, I have a feeling we'll save both shows. The PR will be INSANE. This is @gingertaylah's idea BTW.

Also, @greendale_love, do you mind helping me with their ad sponsor tweet list? They JUST got back on the air, the poor dears, and they're having to deal with this mess, a month out. Can you imagine the stress, being off the air for so long, then this? We don't have much time here, which is why we need to do something ASAP. Maybe I should take a kazoo to Nielsen and BBDO doorsteps, with "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." We need to act FAST here; any other ideas?

I invited them to cobrand any future fan efforts with us, and will personally join any of their fan work. I personally want ALL Community allies to stay alive. We can't afford to lose our sister show, who is SO funny and SO worthy.

Where are the #Scrubs fans? #ArrestedDevelopment? #Chuck? #Firefly? Let's find them too, and see if they're up for a weekly sandwich. Scrubs cast is on Cougar Town this Tues, so let's spread the word. (Tues, 8:30pm, ABC).

I haven't seen a combined fan action yet. The shared staff on the shows (plus Abed) should make this interesting to the media.

Tomorrow's Monday. Do you know where your local Subway is?


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