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Administrative of al-Muharraq Maternity Hospital suffering from the deterioration of his health and the authority refused to release him

«Ministry of Health» didn't receive his salaries since his arrest in March 2011

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Wife of administrative of al-Muharraq Maternity Hospital "Younis Ashouri" complained from deterioration of her husband in prison by virtue of his kidney stones, as well as an enlarged prostate, in addition chronic migraines.

The wife spoke to «alwasat news» of how he got arrested, saying: « before his arrest he had been receiving calls from the officials that there is an ambulance sent from SMC holding a request for an emergency oxygen cylinder for the cases of suffocation,At the time Ashouri contacted his director to tell her to give him an approval especially that the ambulance was coming from SMC, then to make sure that the ambulance was coming from the SMC already then he gave them the gas cylinders that can only be used in hospitals and health centers, Therefore, the charges against him were not credible, especially in relation to the seizure of oxygen cylinder , especially after he said in a recent trial that he was tortured and forced to confess ».

She said that on March 20 / 2011 on his way to work were surprised to arrest him at the gate of the hospital by masked and armed security forces , to be transferred to an unknown destination, and he didn't contact his family after more than two weeks, despite the attempt of his son to go to the hospital and asking about his dad , but he was informed that they don't know whereabouts.

She stressed that her husband 60 years old is a man who served the Ministry of Health, as he described as a man of achievements, made many achievements in the ministry, indicating that the latter attested when he was working in the SMC then he transferred as an administrator to al-Muharraq hospital promoted by officials to take advantage of his achievements.

The wife drew that her husband suffers from many stones in the kidney, as it requires a process to remove them, especially with the large number of these stones and he needed to see a consultant physician, not a general practitioner, he also suffers from an enlarged prostate, as well as chronic migraines

The wife made it clear that Ashouri needs an operation, but he refuses to conduct while he is in prison, especially after the surgery he needed to recuperate and appropriate atmosphere with constant medical care because of fear of any complications it may get after the procedure. According to his wife that the migraine began to increase, especially in light and it gets worst with high pressure experienced at the camp he is now in a cell with the accused of thefts, He is taken to the clinic with drug defendants, noting that in the first months in detention he had been suffering from migraine headaches and pain as not giving him his medication as I mentioned.

She explained that her husband is suffering from a drop in pressure in the atmosphere that he live inside the prison, surprising how treated him in this way and refused to release him under the old age and under many of the diseases.

The wife confirmed that during the recent period his condition is getting worsened even more, indicating that i had received a call from him at the beginning of February this message informing her that he gave a request to the officer to send him to the clinic because his health was getting worst during eight o'clock in the morning,

But its not being sent until the time of receipt his call at four o'clock in the afternoon.

For his part, speaking former detainee and the ruled in the case of criminal doctors and consultant pediatric surgery on the status Mahmoud asghar was with him at a time, indicating that Ashouri was complaining of severe pain, as well as he had frequented the clinic significantly

Dr. Mahmoud asghar pointed out that Ashouri needs a surgery on the prostate and the fear of the affect on the kidneys may even get worse for him. He spoke about the character of Ashouri disciplined and committed to the laws, even within the prison.

With regard to the Ministry of Health since his arrest, said his wife «since his arrest in March the ministry stopped his Salary not be disbursed salary to him as required by the Civil Service Law, to stop salary for nearly a year, and there is no one supporting our family financially, and I have a son in the university and we now rely on the benefactor to pay tuition fees ».She added that she addressed the President of the Civil Service Bureau by sending a letter, as well as sending a letter to the Minister of Human Rights and Social Development Fatima Al-Baluchi when the list of Acting Minister of Health, but it has not received any response.

It is indicated that the Civil Service Law Article 7 of the Civil Service Law No. (48) for the year 2010 states (each employee locked up is suspended from his period of incarceration and stop the disbursement of half his salary, and after imprisonment paid to him what had stopped if kept the investigation or acquitted),At the time point where Article 8 of the Code (each employee confined pursuant to a court ruling is suspended from his work and deprived of his salary and may pay his salary to his family headed for a longer period of imprisonment of three months, to deduct from the dues pension at retirement, and may be returned to the his work after the expirey of the period without prejudice to disciplinary responsibility where appropriate)

Ashouri's son expressed his concern on the non-release of his father, as they always informed them he would be released soon, but surprisingly he is not.

He was surprised that his father was not included with the medical staff and was not released with them, especially as he is one of the staff in the Ministry of Health.

It is indicated that the Supreme Court of Appeal decided to defer the issue until March 25 to include the BICI report and refuse to release him , after the military court sentenced him three years.

It is noteworthy that there are still cadres of health in detention, including Hassan Matouk ,Younes Ashouri and Ahmed Ali

Translated by @Noor_Al_bahrain


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