Steve Abbott on his reasoning for not running: "Like all Mainers, I was surprised when Senator Snowe announced that she was not running for reelection after 33 years of distinguished service. Over the last three day I have received many phone calls, emails, and facebook messages from friends and supporters encouraging me to run for the United States Senate. It has been uplifting and flattering to hear from so many terrific people.

As much as I would like to run for the Senate, I simply cannot at this time. My current job commitments at the University of Maine are something that I take very seriously and something that I truly enjoy. It would be irresponsible of me to leave just as we are launching so many great projects for our athletic department and I would not do that to an institution that is so important to our state and that is a place that means so much to me personally.

I would love to run for higher office at some point if that opportunity presents itself in the future and would consider an honor to represent our state. But first, I want to finish what I have started here at the University of Maine." Via UMaine press release.

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