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2nd Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

Hello guys ! So, i've met Kristen Stewart again yesterday !!!! After only 1 month she came back to Paris ! Sorry for my english, as you may know i'm french so ... Yeah, whatever.
I had decided to go to the Balenciaga fashion show to see her. I've seen many celebrities before she arrived. Clémence Poésy ( Harry Potter + Gossip Girl ) , Charlotte Gainsbourg ( the other figure of Balenciaga Paris) , Salma Hayek , Anna Wintour ... There were like 10 papz and a LOT of photographers for fashion website and stuff. I already felt so sorry for Kristen when i saw that. Arround 10:10am ( yeah our girl was late lol ! ) I saw HBG. He was talking to the security. Of course the papz reconized him and got prepared. Then, 2 min after that, Kristen came out of her van. She was SO pretty ! Much prettier than on pictures , it's crazy ! When i saw the pics I was like " really ?? She looked so different in real !! Even more beautiful :,) ! ". The papz and photographers were CRAZY ! It was so first time i saw her being paped ( i don't know it this verb exists but whatever lol). They were screaming " Kristen here please ! Kristen !!! " But her fans were saying " We love you Kristen !! " Haha. She didn't feel very confortable, and i think she was kinda scared, so she didn't pose for longue, and then reacht the Tower Crystal. I've seen her leather pants that I LOVE and she was wearing a leather jacket as well. So pretty.
After like 20 minuttes, she came out of the Tower Crystal. Papz where crazy again. I was standing next to her car. She rushed to her car and once she was sat, she was looking towards me so i said " Kristen you rock !" My friends did the same and she looked at us with a big smile, it made my day seriously. I felt so sorry for her because it was only papz and photographers at the fashion show. No fans because it was strictly invitation so no one knew the location of the fashion show. We were just like 6 fans among 6522222 papz and photographers ... Then they closed the doors of the car and she left. I was so so so happy to see her again and to see her at this Fashion show especially. I was my the first time I "went" to the Fashion Week, so it was a really unique experience. Lauren.

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