Regarding @grantland33 not being credentialed for the Duke-North Carolina basketball game on March 3, I emailed a Duke athletic dept. spokesperson to get some clarification. Appreciate the dept's quick response.

According to Duke, ESPN's umbrella of networks, websites and branches have 10 seats on press row for the game, as well as a photographer spot, multiple camera spots required to air the game, and access for College GameDay.

Duke says they would love to accommodate each legitimate request but because of space issues at Cameron, Duke says they must make some some tough decisions for the UNC game. One of those decisions, according to Duke, is the inability to credential blog sites and websites that do not attempt to cover the team on a regular basis. Duke says they communicated this to Grantland's Sarah Larimer who requested a credential for Shane Ryan. The university received a courtesy reply from her on Feb. 22 and then nothing more from anyone at Grantland.

Until today. Via Twitter.

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