Girlbyy · @omg1Dsexy

28th Feb 2012 from Twitlonger

#confession; i'm getting mad with people labeling others "directionators" why? because MOST of them are just new fans. we were all new fans at once, so does that mean we were a directionator? Guess so. If someone talks about the boys a lot and constantly says wrong things or spells their names wrong, then thats okay to call them that. but when someone NEW comes into the fandom, give them a chance.

I dont think the boys will appreciate the fact that you are PUSHING new fans AWAY from them.
The boys are going to grow, whether we like it or not.
I know some of us dont want to hear that, but its happening, and we shouldnt be the ones stopping it.

Just be proud of how far they are getting!
cant we please do that?

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