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27th Feb 2012 from Twitlonger

UK Fringies.
As you all have noticed, @Fringenuity is doing an amazing job of setting trends not just in America but worldwide too.
So here at FringeUK, have been discussing the possibility of attempting to set a trend that is related to Fringe an hour before it airs on Wednesday, 10pm on Sky1. And the response we have recieved has been immense!
This week's episode is 'Making Angels', the first Astrid-centric episode (Yaaay!) with an incredible performance from @JasikaNicole :)
Because of this, the hashtag we want to trend is

1. Please do not use the hashtag before the desiganted time of tweeting (Wednesday 9pm)
2. Please try to make your first tweet of the night a thank you to @NissanLeaf for sponsoring Fringe
3. Try to make your tweets as interesting as possible. We need to grab the attention of non-fringies :)
4. Spread the word to every Fringies out there. We need numbers for a sucessful trend.

A few things to keep in mind...

1. Don't use #TwoOfTheSame before the designated time - 1 HOUR BEFORE FRINGE AIRS (9pm)
2. One # per tweet.
3. The more people tweeting about it matters more than the number of tweets.
4. People with lots of followers help.
5. We want to gain the interest of non-fringies.
6. Discuss the show in your tweets, - this will help gain the interest of non-fringies.
7. Private accounts must be unlocked otherwise their tweets will not be counted towards the trend.
8. Retweets are a great way help with trending.

The use of @GetGlue to show that you are watching live is key. Checking into Fringe, Nissan Leaf & other advertisers will help.

Please RT this Fringies, whether you are in the UK or not :)
Thank you :)

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