T 665 - India declared Polio free nation by WHO ... and UNICEF thanks me .. honored _

"Great news, Amitabh! The Minister of Health, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad has announced that today the World Health Organization officially declared that India has been taken off the list of polio-endemic countries.

The Minister received the news this morning in a letter written by the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan at the Polio Summit in Delhi.

Congratulations to India! Now, only 3 countries have never stopped polio transmission and remain polio-endemic: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

But to guard against importation and the prospect of a terrible outbreak we must continue to immunize our children against polio (and all six vaccine-preventable diseases) until eradication is achieved globally.

Thankyou SO MUCH for your tireless contribution to a polio-free India. Thanks to your help and the work of millions of volunteers, we can now hope that no Indian child be needlessly paralyzed by polio ever again.

Thanks again, congratulations, and a speedy recovery,"



Rod Curtis
Communication Specialist
Polio Eradication Unit

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