[TRANS] 120225 BEAST Sina Interview (1/2)

Q: BEAST has only debuted for 2 years, but has already grown into one of the most popular boy band in Korea, even held a world tour, outshining many senior artists, how do you think you achieve these?

Dongwoon: It the love from the fans, their care lets us to become like now, lets us go to various countries, meets more fans, we can only do our best within our ability to make music, in order to return their love.

Q: Which senior artists and other idols BEAST has a rather close relationship with? What have you learned from them?

Gikwang: Our relationship in our circle with many artists are very good, especially with FT Island’s Lee Hongki, and there’s senior artists like JYJ, from them we learned a lot of stage experience, how to be more skillful.

Q: BEAST has gone to many different places in the world to perform, how are your impressions of the fans? Are there any rather profound impressions?

Dongwoon, Doojoon: No matter which country we go, the greatest impression is the fans’ love. On our last visit to Shanghai we only sang two songs, too bad, tomorrow (25 February 2012) is our official performance, we expect fans can come to see us.

Q: Have BEAST ever listened to Chinese songs? Is there any Chinese song you guys like? For this concert in China, do you guys prepare any special show?

Hyunseung: Previously on a Korean’s music ceremony we performed together with Lang Lang, we were greatly honored. I quiet a lot listen to Chinese songs. For tomorrow night’s performance, we don’t prepare any Chinese songs, but if fans wanted us to, we could sing some.

Q: After his debut Doojoon has participated in variety of programs, really is a multitalented artist, are there more challenges you’d like to seek?

Doojoon: Actually I’d like to try being a sport commentator, like soccer for example. Or participate in a radio show, also I’d like to continue acting on TV and movies, but since I’m a singer, I have to do my best, so that I can develop my singing career.

Q: Hyunseung usually gives a well-behaved impression, but in the sub-group Troublemaker with HyunA, (Hyunseung) gives fans a great shock, does Hyunseung still wanna give another try?

Hyunseung: With HyunA was a rather new type of collaboration; to fans it was also something new, I’d like to do more challenge like this in music, more collaboration with other artists, hope in the future I’ll have an opportunity like this.

(to be continued)

Credits: Sina Entertainment
Trans: C.C of B2STera

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