D-1 BB Coaches-this is for U. Friend asked me to go check out Pasadena HS Blake Hamilton. Saw them play last night vs. Beverly Hills HS. Hamilton is 6'4 180 pound senior. Before focusing on Blake, Enjoyed watching @austinjmills of Beverly Hills. Legit Pt. Guard prospect at high major level. Love his toughness and savvy. Dropped beautiful dimes the entire game. Amazing what one player can do for a team at High School level. If he's not in the game, BH gets beat by 40 or more. Video of Austin Mills http://bit.ly/xR6RjR

Thoughts on Blake Hamilton – 6'4" 180lbs. Pasadena High School – 2/24/12 vs. Beverly Hills High School

Young Senior – 17 – October birthday – Basketball physique – Long wing span & vertical extension – average size hands. Speed, quickness & acceleration. Very coordinated. Explosive – good jumping ability with a step. Light on his feet, quiet runner, lowers stress on the joints.

Wing skills – project as a 3/2 at collegiate level. Very versatile player. Impressed with his decision making and poise with the ball in this game. Handles so many roles for his team. A standout as a help/off the ball defender. Has very good defensive tools & excellent defensive range because of length, speed, active hands and desire. Started him initially in the back end of zone press. Good job of playing safety position. Can cover up others mistake and protect the basket against high school competition. Got a couple of shot blocks as a help side defender. Also played at the point of the press. Love his rebounding ability & have no doubt it will transfer to the next level. Powers out off the dribble & goes coast to coast for several baskets. Only aspect of his defensive game I was disappointed in was on the ball defense. Plays high & let average athletes get to the rim on him a couple of times. Depending too much on length & hands to play instead of moving his feet. Plays high defensively. Needs to get lower. Improved core & lower body strength should remedy this weakness in time. Has the want-to & will to be an outstanding all-around defender, as well as the physical tools.

Like his ball handling ability. Handles well with either hand. Good at powering out off the dribble to initiate break or go coast-to-coast for own scoring opportunities. Demonstrated ability to get to rim and finish by being nimble & evasive in lane. Somewhat concerned about deep spot shooting ability. Took 3 shots from 19 to 20 foot range and missed them all. Question if shooting mechanics are totally sound. Need to analyze shot more to critique better, but think he can grow as a deep shooter. More comfortable shooting off the dribble. Has a decent mid-range game, which I view as an asset. Good job of creating separation off the dribble & made two nice pull-up jumpers from 12 to 14 feet. Second half was stronger than first half. Impacted the game on all ends and stepped up his offensive contributions in terms of scoring, ball handling, breaking the press and decision making & passing the ball. Subpar from the FT line (3-7).

Like his upside, energy level, temperament, and competitive makeup. Given he's a young 17, obviously there is potential for growth in terms of physical and emotional maturity. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this kid to a mid-major Division 1 program. Wouldn't be too concerned with worrying if he is a 3 or a 2. He's got wing skills, but I think he can also play on top of the floor. Who knows how he's going to evolve (position), but he has the potential to impact the game on a lot of levels for his future team and coach. I like versatile players who can do a lot of things well. He fits that template. Type of kid who can blossom under the right type of coach, a good strength and conditioning program, and being surrounded by like-minded and talented teammates who bring it on a daily basis.

Clarence Gaines

P.S. @StarNewsPreps writeup of game - http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/preps/ci_20042599
"Blake Hamilton found his mid-range jumper and finished with 19 points, 10 rebounds, four assists and two blocks."

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