Latest update on TM (post patch):

1- Around 12 tomorrow we will best be able to determine how good the patch worked. There are two issues keeping us from doing so right now:

a- even tho we shut down servers, not everyone in game has patch because unless they turn off TM and reboot, they are not forced to install patch and we have no way of forcing he install. Tomorrow am, this should be resolved for 99% of the cases.

b- This is what Sony says is happening tomorrow at around 9am (no patch needed; it's all on the Sony side): Deploy Bandwidth Probe server. Used to determine the client's network bandwidth capabilities. Ex. Good bandwidth can create large games, bad can create smaller games. Theory is there are a number of players with bad connections being allowed to create 16 player games, when they can't support it. Players trying to join will fail and receive errors

By tomorrow at noon, these two issues will be up and running/resolved and then we'll have a much better idea what is up. Meanwhile, we are seeing lots of people saying tonite's patch is already helping them but we are seeing some saying that's not the case.

I will be creating games 2nite and will tweet the game rooms. Since I have the bandwidth and folks reading this will have the patch (as will I) ideally we will be experiencing a much, much better connection experience.

2- SKINS- they think they have the 'SKINS ARE TOO DARK' issues resolved and are testing it tonite. I will know around 8-10 tonite if that issue IS solved and can let you know when the website will update with the fix.


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