.@martys_15 I won't claim that I know specific reasons why all those were left out of the public version of the software; I wasn't involved in its release. I do know that at least some of those features are essentially abandoned pieces of the tool that we've identified issues with and don't use internally. For example, the world pond tool is something we will not use when creating worlds, it has known problems internally. Others I would assume are locked for stability or performance reasons, and are values that we tend to not alter when we create worlds either. I can definitely say that we don't have plans to update CAW with additional features though; and I'd caution use of any unlocked features through fan-made patches as a "use at your own risk" type situation. RT @martys_15 @SimGuruGraham New link: http://t.co/g1khC6gd to make these hidden Features of CAW software has been unlocked in the next version of CAW.

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