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[Translation] [SportsHankook] JYJ Kim Junsu’s ticket power, 3.4billion Won! ‘The next Jo Seungwoo’

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Sports Hankook, Reporter Ahn Jinyong

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Group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu made a meteoric rise as “the next Jo Seungwoo.”

All the tickets of Kim Junsu’s 20 shows of musical ‘Elisabeth,’ which started on 8th, were sold out as soon as the ticket sale had begun. This means 34,000 tickets of the hall with 1,700 seats were sold out in around ten minutes. Considering the average ticket price is 100,000Won (89USD), 3.4billion Won (3,026,257 USD) flowed in in an instant.

Kim Junsu made contract for 30 shows with the production company of ‘Elisabeth.’ Ticket sale for 10 shows in April and May has not begun yet. They, however, would be sold out with current trend. Thus, we can calculate that musical fans spent around 5.1 billion won (30 shows x 17000 seats x100,000Won) (4,539,385USD) to watch the shows of Kim Junsu.

Kim Junsu’s musicals ‘Mozart,’ ‘Tears of Heaven,’ and ‘Elisabeth’ continue to be sold out. We can confirm Kim Junsu’s position in Musical industry regarding the fact that tickets of shows of Song Changui and Ryu Junghan (2 other cast of Tod for ‘Elisabeth’) are not sold out yet.

A musical official stated “the only musical actors who sell out all the tickets as soon as the sale begins are Jo Seungwoo and Kim Junsu. That is the reason why Kim Junsu is called as ‘the next Jo Seungwoo.’

Kim Junsu’s pay scale has not reached as high as that of Jo Seungwoo yet due to lack of career in musical. Kim Junsu decided not to overtax raising his pay scale but to participate in production.

Kim Junsu’s agency explained “the agency participates in the production of musical and gives part of profits to Kim Junsu. It is like a running guarantee. This system does not pull down the order of the industry as he does not require high guarantee, but empowers Kim Junsu at the same time.”

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