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JoJo is releasing her new album ''Jumping Trains'' April 3rd 2012. It's her 3rd album. Her first release with Interscope and her first album since ''The High Road''. I heard all the tracks from the album. In my opinion it's a really good album, every single song is amazing. Here's some really good informations about it.

- Tracklist -

1. Turn It Up
2. Play This Twice
3. Spotlight
4. Broken
5. Disaster
6. Lie To Me
7. Sexy To Me
8. Bodyguard
9. Webcam
10. The Other Chick
11. Jumping Trains
12. Piece Of My Heart
13. Elsewhere

Deluxe Edition

14. Beautiful Creep
15. Closer To You
16. Fear

International Bonus Track

14/17. The Other Chick [Zedd Remix]

The deluxe edition is set to include an DVD with a short documentary of the Making-Of 'Jumping Trains'. It will include studio recording, photoshoots, video shoots, rehearsals, and more. The deluxe edition will also include more pictures of JoJo in the booklet and a mini poster of the album cover.

- Singles -

The first single was supposed to be ''The Other Chick''. The single was chose by the label and JoJo. At this time, that was the only song that both were confortable with. But short after, JoJo met Mario Marchetti and told her that he had a record for her. JoJo entered in the studio with him and he played her instrumentals. JoJo found one intrumental really interesting that she wanted to record for a song she was writing at the time. The song was ''Disaster''. Short after they shot the video for ''The Other Chick'', JoJo finished recording the demo of ''Disaster'' and she played it to her label. At the last minute, they cancelled the release of ''The Other Chick'' and called it a ''Buzz Single''. By the end of July, JoJo and Marchetti finished the final mastered version of ''Disaster''. In August, they announced the release and then they premiered it August 30th. Today, the video of 'The Other Chick' is still unveiled. They don't want to release it because the label thinks that 'The Other Chick' is a potential future single from the album.

In early January, Interscope found a lot of anticipation about a second single. But the label didn't want to release anything because of the lack of success from 'Disaster'. Then in February, JoJo reported to Interscope that she was over-asked about a second single. The label chose to release 'Sexy To Me' as a promotional single to help the fans waiting for Jumping Trains. He chose to release a Remixes EP of 'Disaster' too. At the moment, Interscope and JoJo are planning the release of an official second single. It's set to be released in late March, 2-3 weeks before the album drops. They are thinking about releasing something more upbeat. For the moment, ''Spotlight'' is the most potential next single.

- Concept about the tracklist -

This is a little surprising, but it's JoJo who did the tracklist. Well, she didn't choose all the songs. Interscope and her chose the song together but JoJo decided the order. JoJo wanted 'Jumping Trains' to have many «part». Here they are :

First Part : The first part is including 'Turn It Up', 'Play This Twice' and 'Spotlight'. JoJo chose to put these 3 songs as the opening songs of the album because they are happy and all talking about the same subjects : ''Music'' and ''Having a good time''. These songs are the most upbeat of the album.

Second Part : The second part is including 'Broken', 'Disaster', 'Lie To Me'. JoJo chose to put these 3 songs after the opening parts because they are really agressive and have that rock vibe. The songs are still about same subject : ''Terrible relationships''

Third Part : The third part is including 'Sexy To Me', 'Bodyguard' and 'Webcam'. JoJo put these songs together because they have a little R&B vibe and they are the most sensual records on the album.

Fourth Part : The fourth part is including 'The Other Chick', 'Jumping Trains', 'Piece Of My Heart' and (the amazing) 'Elsewhere'. JoJo chose these songs to be in the last part because they are slower but really mature, deep and inspiring.

Five Part : The five part is only on the deluxe edition. It includes ''Beautiful Creep'', ''Closer To You'' and ''Fear''. Interscope let JoJo chose the 3 songs (from more than 200 songs) to be included on the deluxe edition. The tracks are all different in every way.

- Description of the songs -

Turn It Up : Prod. by The Stereotypes, this song is a huge club-banger about having a good time in the club and self-empowerment. With a chorus like : « If you think the music is too low. Baby you have to take control. Pump it up just like a boss. And then turn it up. Up, up, up...»

Play This Twice : Prod. by The Messengers, this song is a dancey up-tempo song about still having a good time in the club and self-empowerment. JoJo performed the song live in 2010 for the first. But the song have been revamped completly and is now a killer dance anthem.

Spotlight : Prod. by Darkchild and Billboard, this song is (one more time) a real dancey song. This is surely the fastest and most dancey song on the album. The song is about the rise of a superstar with the super catchy chorus : « Baby jump right in the SPOTLIGHT ! I know you're ready to go...»

Broken : Prod. by Jim Beanz, this song is like ''Disaster'' but a little more rock than pop. It's stronger.

Disaster : Prod. by Mario Marchetti, this song is a pop-rock song that you all know because it's the first single from the album.

Lie To Me : Prod. by Da Internz, this song leaked some months ago and it's a dancey-pop/rock record.

Sexy To Me : Prod. by Danja, this song is used as a promo single and it's a club-banger and a female anthem.

Bodyguard : Prod. by DaInternz, this song is the catchiest song on the album. With really sensual lyrics about JoJo wanting a bodyguard, this song can be a potential single.

Webcam : Prod. by Timbaland and Danja, this song is in the same kind of 'Sexy To Me' but a little more R&B. This is the most sensual song JoJo ever recorded with lyrics like : «Open up your webcam it's time to undress»

The Other Chick : Prod. by Oak, this song is a mid-tempo pop song with powerful lyrics. The song was released as a buzz single in May.

Jumping Trains : Prod. by The Messengers, the title track of the album is a really great record. Heavy powerful vocals and sweet melody, it's one of the highlight from the album.

Piece Of My Heart : Prod. by Jim Jonsin, this is the slowest song of the album. It's a R&B song but really slow. The lyrics are deep and the vocals are really clear like if she was singing right in your ear.

Elsewhere : Prod. by Boi-1da, this is my favorite song of the album. In my opinion, this is a real masterpiece. JoJo's vocals have never been so huge and the instrumental is really complex and the drum is everything. To all JoJo's fans : This is real deal.

That's all ! I didn't hear any of tracks of the deluxe edition. I remember that I heard the demo of Beautiful Creep a longtime ago. It was a funny pop song, that's all I can tell you. I didn't hear the remix of The Other Chick too. If you have questions about the album or if you want more details about songs, just mention me @jojo_info_leak

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