People that follow me:

Cody followed me on 4/11/11, that was the day of my birthday. It was an amazing feeling when I saw him in followers list. I can't give all the credit to myself, a Mahomie help on this mission.

Monique followed 27/10/11. I just said: "follow me" and she did.

Since Forever and Jordan Jansen followed without asking.

Austin Mahone tweeted to me: "thank you very very much<3" 25/10/11. I just said something about his cover duet "No Air" and he replied.

My big dream is for Justin to follow me, but the options are looking imposible. 14 million followers ; I pray to God that he sees me.

Never Say Never. Belieber, Mahomie and Simpsonizer. #peace

Simon Cowell tweeted me 19.12.11

LA Reid RTd me 22.12.11

Ryan Beatty followed 1.1.12

Erica H Reid tweeted in 2.1.12 (she's the wife of LA Reid)

Howie Mandel replied to me 3.1.12

Austin Mahone RTd & Followed me 9.2.12

Drew Ryniewicz RTd me 17.2.12

Jasmine V tweeted me 20.2.12

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