@Klout A Public Rebuke To KLOUT: It's wrong to fail to disclose to the unsuspecting public that it is impossible to remove your bright orange badge from their profiles should they choose to try your product.

Although it IS possible to opt-out of your service...that is to say, it's possible to shut your company out of other social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, this only results in a HI-PROFILE, bright orange badge with a very very low Klout score. Opting out of Klout comes with punishment and that is a deep concern with regards to #privacy. I personally don't want to have your brand on my @Twitter profile.

It's an underhanded, and very aggressive method to force people to allow you to have access to their personal information across the internet without their actual #consent.

There should be NO penalty for opting out of #Klout and YOUR branding should immediately be removed from our profiles when we have given written notice to your company that we no longer wish to use your service.

Now, I asked about this a few months ago and you've done nothing to make this more fair to the public. I want to know, How can I have your orange badge removed from my #Twitter profile. I want an #answer to that one question.

Let's be very clear on this issue. My concern is about one single issue... what does #opting-out mean other than leaving... terminating the relationship in every way?

What you're doing SHOULD BE #illegal. It's certainly not right.

Rhonda Merrick

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