FAST UPDATE: Sorry so late- needed a break. Had long 2 hour call with Sony PD, ESP, and Sony Net group. ESP is doing some work for a patch we hope to push Tuesday that should help/out and out fix network issues but no guarantee. Discussed crashing PS3s and none of us or SDQA can repro it but we know it's an issue- we continue to bang on this and should have update in next few days. Exploring people being kicked from games (think it may be a host migration issue and we're doing some tests). Also looking at getting the FORCED START in quick match games in for Tuesday patch. Nothing concrete sadly :(...lots of work happening but only real news is: team is cranking hard on it and making progress but I can't give you a 'this is when it will be 100% fixed' date just yet. Sorry about that. Will stay in touch tomorrow and Monday but I don't expect it to get better (or worse!?!) until sometime Tuesday. Wish I had better news right now but it is getting there for sure, but not there yet :(.

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