This is truly the dumbest and most offensive press release I've received ...

Hi Nicki,

I hope this email finds you well.

With the Knicks now on a seven game winning streak and “Lin-sanity” continuing to grow by the second, there has been a change not just on the court for the Knicks, but a culture change off the court as well.

For any pieces you’re working on surrounding how “Lin-sanity” is impacting not just the sports landscape, but Asian culture both domestically and abroad, I’d love to offer you, Asian broadcaster and ESPN’s Mike Yam. Please find quotes from Mike Yam about Jeremy Lin below:

“The special people are the ones who pave the path and that's what Lin is doing for every Asian American who is watching his every move on the court. This impact on the Asian community is something we can't measure yet. He has made Asians who didn't follow basketball taking time to read and watch his games” He is humble, well spoken and a leader who has made every Asian who doesn't "look" the part believe in his or her abilities. In my career I have had people look at me and doubt my skills as a broadcaster.”

If you are interested in speaking with Mike more in-depth regarding how Jeremy Lin’s performance on and off the court could potentially spark a movement within both the sports world, and more importantly, pop culture, please contact me.

Thank you.

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