I'm no feminist but I see even on Twitter there are a lot of men who revel in intimidation and harassing women more than men.
I wonder what brings about that attitude. However those who ill-treat women, no matter where have a lot coming toward them.
Sadly the most abusive/haranguing pack that I have ever seen is a group of Tamil tweeters. An embarrassment for every respectable Tamil tweeter & our culture.
I have an ancestry that boasts of well known Tamil scholars - a Tamizh valarthha kudumbam -, I'm super proud of my lineage and at the same time embarrassed that some Tamil tweeters are the same ones who revel in abusing women/elders/politicians/celebrities in the crudest of languages - but for what joy?

There has to be civility even if one disagrees with the other.

I read somewhere that there was no temples of Sita but there are statues of Kannagi everywhere. Quite struck a chord.

What goes round comes around.

And when the injustice is against women, the strength of the boomerang will be manifold.

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