The reason I am upset with having to do time this time is because this event occurred over 3 years ago and I am not the same person today. I went on a lil' rampage for a few years and made a lot of poor finally all caught up to me last year and I served a year straight in San Diego County Jail. During that year I had a lot of time to think and realize I needed to change. Upon my release over 6 months I did just that. I have been attending my anger management classes, staying away from the party scene and booze. I have been teaching Kid's MMA Classes and living life the right way. In my professional career I won the biggest fight of my life vs Roger Huerta and became only the 2nd man to ever finish him. I recently signed a contract with @BellatorMMA and had a chance at winning over a 100k in their tournament, a tournament that I will now not be participating in. Of all the things I have ever gotten in trouble for this one is the dumbest one. The person I fought was a coworker of mine 6'2'' and over 300lbs. He instigated the fight, he came after me. I punched him ONCE and then took him down. During the takedown he injured his knee. The reason this case had been dragging on so long in the court system is because the DA's office had a WEAK case and my attorney and him were constantly negotiating for a plea bargain. Upon my release from jail I told my attorney that I wanted to get this case over with and get on with my life, put the bs behind me. I agreed to pay a huge fine of $61,000 for his medical bills and signed an agreement for probation and NO JAIL TIME. The DA and myself were both happy with the agreement. 3 weeks after I plead guilty I returned to be sentenced and the Judge Valerie Adair completely disregarded the DA and I's deal, as well as the progress I have made since being incarcerated and learning my lesson and CHANGING. That was an irresponsible decision on her part. Jail is supposed to be a tool to rehabilitate people and rehabilitation had taken place! WHy would you mess that inertia up? Why not give me a suspended sentence and a chance to continue proving myself? She scolded me and accused me of using steroids, I have NEVER tested positive for them or had an arrest for them in my life! She judged a book by it's cover and that is not just! I deserve to stay free and continue to prove that I am a changed man! Write the Governor and help me!

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