I really hope future console scenes are more like the 360 scene and less like the PS3 scene.

In the PS3 scene, there is a huge hate against 'pirates', which is weird, because most of those that complain use illegal files.

What is the difference between downloading an official PS3 SDK and downloading Metal Gear Solid, in the majority of countries it is considered illegal to do both, so why do some developers think its fine to use an SDK stolen of Sony , but playing a game of the net is the worst evil ever.

Now the Piracy part is over, there is the coding for profit in the PS3 scene, for instance, you have those, that use other peoples hard work to create a MFW, then make $250 profit, for pushing a few buttons, psx-scene has become a disease haven for those selling mediocre code, now im not a coder, but some of the winning contributions have been mere edits of XML files, or slight modification of other peoples work.

On to the DRM dongles, Cobra, True Blue and JB-King, all using others work/Sony code to earn a profit, then the sites that support such devices, like PS3Crunch aka TBCrunch knowing the Developers behind such devices as True Blue and sites that get earnings from displaying ad's of such devices and yes PS3HaX is guilty of that, basically making me a hypocrite for hating the devices, whilst they are advertised on the site.

Then the developers, they are basically non existent, no body wants to be involved in the PS3 scene, partly due to fear from Sony, but mostly to do with the drama, the shenanigans caused by certain members of Gitbrew and math, pushed people away, pushed developers away.

Now onto the 360 scene

I don't follow it that well, but i NEVER hear about any drama from it, i hear great stories of people working together, developers cracking the console and not asking for profit, nor demanding donations, the Xbox 360 scene developers pwn the hell out of the PS3 scene developers.

But i cant deny that i,love the PS3 Scene, i guess im a gluten for punishment.


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