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@BahrainMirror: Al Khalifa decided to hand over Bahrain to Saudi Arabia: Advertising Federation of Bahrain with Saudi Arabia!

Bahrain Mirror (exclusive)

Intersected an information from different sources confirmed Chairman of the AL-AYAM newspaper Najib Al-hamar, who is the brother of Nabil Al-hamar the media adviser for the king, That the royal family of Bahrain (Al Khalifa) has decided to sell Bahrain and its people to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the declaration of "Union of two in a royal decree" is likely to be released soon. The move, if true, confirms the desire of the family of the ruling Al Khalifa to ensure control of the wealth looted, and fear of real change reduces their powers.

Observers had been spotted intense letters between the Royal family in bahrain and Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, and was a message to carry the Deputy Prime Minister Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa to the king of Saudi Arabia, In these letters agreed to form of Union, which would be practically an admission of Bahrain governance with Saudi Arabia.

Highlight of this, "Bahrain mirror" knows that the national events fell apart for the meetings away from the spotlight to discuss this serious step, which will serve as a final and full occupation to Bahrain.

And that raised questions in these hours for the international society attitude and the position of the United Nations to cause the State of Bahrain, which provides for the National Action Charter and the Constitution applicable to "Bahrain is an independent Arab state may not waive its sovereignty, an inch of its territory. Is a fully sovereign state recognized officially at the United Nations "

Continue of this form of Union to be announced vague, but observers assert that "any form of announcement of the Union is not legal because it did not take the permission of the Bahraini people, and being in the practical recognition of the full of Bahrain to the rule of Saudi-oriented holistic hostile to the people of Bahrain and the aspirations to freedom and democracy. "

Saudi Arabia enter to Bahrain with thousands of tanks and armored vehicles under Peninsula Shield in an attempt didn't succeed to quell the revolution of February 14 by the pro-democracy

Translated by : @Noor_Al_bahrain


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