The officials and scholars were in a discussion. However, their minds were preoccupied with the fact that the former King’s official had ended his life. They did not dare to ask the reason why he had committed suicide as Hwon remained self-composed throughout the whole meeting. Only when the discussion ended, the inspector general finally asked.
“Your majesty, even though I should not be asking this.. I want to ask…”
But Hwon interrupted his sentence and said:”Are you asking about the former King’s official’s death?”
Everyone turned silent because of Hwon’s calm tone. He continued:”You all should have heard that he committed suicide without a reason.”
“Your majesty, we heard that the ex-official came to the Gangnyeongjeon(King’s quarters) this morning. How can you not know the reason as to why he committed suicide?”
Hwon quietly took a look at the Royal Investigation Bureau officials and the minister of punishments, and then took another look at the rest of the officials. Hwon was thinking who he should request to investigate the death of the ex-official.
“I really do not know the reason. As such, I order the Royal Investigation Bureau department to investigate it now.”
“Why are you asking the Royal Investigation Bureau department to investigate it? Isn’t it supposed to be for the ministry of punishments (Ministry of Law enforcement) to investigate? We will do it.”
Hwon was really angry from the start, but he held his anger in. However, after this sentence that the minister of punishment said, his could not hold it in anymore. However, he could not just inexplicably lose his temper, so Hwon lied and said:”The Former King’s official committing suicide has nothing to do with the law, so I asked the Royal Investigation Bureau department to investigate it.”
Other than the Minister of Punishments, the rest of the people in the hall were looking down. Hwon checked the reaction of all the officials before he stood up and return to his quarters.
Immediately after he entered his quarters, Hwon fiercely threw his crown to the ground. He finally let out the anger that he has been keeping in for the whole day. HS panicked. He picked up the crown and held it up for Hwon.
“Your majesty, please wear it back.”
Hwon was not listening as he continued to vent his anger. Everyone around started to feel pain for him as they saw him in this state. Hwon was walking up and down venting his anger. He said to the Woon, who was standing calmly at a corner: “Maybe, this might be a good thing.”
Even though Woon remained expressionless, Hwon knew that Woon agreed with his thoughts.
Hwon used a majestic tone and said to the SangJeon retainer (the one that conveys orders by the King): “You listen. Go to the Royal Investigation Bureau now, and get all the books written by the officials there over. You must bring ALL of them over.”
HS asked softly: “Your majesty, what made you so urgent for it? It wouldn’t be too late to order after washing up.”
Hwon sat down to sort out the thoughts in his head. “Maybe just like what I said, it may be a good thing that the Former King’s official committed suicide.” He wanted to use this opportunity to investigate Yeonwoo’s death altogether. The reason why he urgently wanted to see the books written by officials in the royal investigation bureau department was so that he can find someone he can trust to investigate the matter immediately.
When he was looking at the books, he suddenly remembered the Sung Kyun Kwan scholar that helped him for the selection of the Crown Princess. He was now an official in the royal investigation bureau department now. Hwon decided to ask him to investigate.
“Sang Jeon, go to the Royal Investigation Bureau to pass my order, ask the Taoist priest to come over tomorrow to wait for my order.”
Hwon waited for Sang Jeon to leave before he started bathing. He bathed in warm water, allowing himself to relax after the tiresome day. He was in a dilemma, between Wol and Yeonwoo. When he thought of Yeonwoo, he felt sorry towards Wol. When he thought of Wol, he felt sorry towards Yeonwoo.
Hwon looked at Wol, who had her hair let down. Wol did not dare to look at Hwon, he wasn’t fully dressed. Hwon opened his arms and said to Wol: “Come here, your position is in my arms.”
Again, Wol sat still in her position. She did not move one bit. Hwon did not change his thoughts and said:” Uh Hur… Even though the first time you were like that, but how can you do this repeatedly? Even though I said a lot of things that people would not understand, but at least you replied. Now, you don’t even reply me.”
Because the distance between the two of them felt further than yesterday, Hwon sighed and put his arms down. Hwon knew Wol actually wanted to come over, but she couldn’t. Hwon looked out at the traces of the Moon. Compared to looking at Wol, who was expressionless, he might as well look at the Moon in the sky.

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