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8th Feb 2012 from Twitlonger

English translation with some minor changes thanks @chemerf! WARNING : I didn't translate those in english and this isn't the exact translation but now I hope the trailer will make sense to those who doesn't understand tagalog.

Intro : 3 hearts, 2 worlds, 1 song

David : *singing nandito ako*

BG voice : From the network who continuously change the Philippine Primetime, and now (here it is) from TV5, a much awaited Mini-series not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world
Josh Bradley grew from another country

Reporter : *she’s saying that the international singing heartthrob Josh bradley’s arrival is unexpected*

BG Voice : But behind these great achievements, you can see the loneliness because of bereavement

*David Archuleta speaking in English – that doesn’t need translation LOL*

David : Pero ako wala means *But me I don’t have any*

BG Voice : Holy Pasadas who came from a rich family. But even money can’t buy her only wish. (*which is the love of her mother*)

Holy’s mother : *she’s scolding her LOL*

Holy’s nanny to Holy’s mother : Mam marget have mercy on your daughter.

Holy talking to her nanny : is it bad that I wished I have a different mother

BG Voice : Anya Dionisio *she’s being described to be a strong lady* but because of the secret of the past, her strength will be challenged.

Anya’s mom : Where did this money came from?! I fought for you to all those people who said that you’ll be like me

Anya : Mom but they’re really from my tutorial *lol this doesn’t make sense but she’s saying the money came from her tutorial session*

Anya’s mom : TUTOR? WITH THESE LOTS OF MONEY?! It’s like you tell the world that I’m not a worthy mother.

--- 2:05 to 2:17 *The BG voice is saying that They once met before and they’re united again once more by fate*

2:29 – 2:30 : Anya – Hey! Take off my costume!
Anya – Aren’t you (josh Bradley LOL)?

*BG voice continues its statement awhile ago and this time he said : Because of his search for love*

(date scene)
Holy : you understand tagalong?
David : yes
Holly : And you could speak too?
David : a bit.
Holy : you’re amazing

*BG voice continues its statment awhile ago and this time he said : Because of his search for his real identity

Red girl with the fans screaming : Your mom is still alive! Your mom is still alive!

*BG voice continues its statment awhile ago and this time he said : Because of his search for new hope*

Anya : Josh Bradley! You’re the one who stole my costume!

Holy : Anya good thing I still saw you! *then saw josh* Josh what are you doing here?

3:26 Anya to Josh : Didn’t I tell you not to go out?
3:34 Anya to Josh : Holly will get mad at me If something happens to you.

3:57 David : I love you *EEEEEEEH SQUEEE!!*
Anya : But Holly loves you, josh.
Beach scene : Holly to David : I just want to ask you something.

*BG Voice is introducing the cast *

4:50 Josh’s mom : When they stole you away from me, my world got miserable.
*BG Voice is introducing the cast *

5:15 Holly : I don’t remember when was the last she hugged me and said I love you *talking about her mom I guess LOL*

Anya : You’re so selfish! You don’t care about anyone. You do whatever you want! You don’t know how to listen!
*BG voice : and for the first time in Philippine Television*

6:06 BG Voice : This valentine season here it is a, mini series that will make you smile, cry and fall in love)

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