@EmilyJillett @pennjillette @jennifurret I've just finished watching and reading the article by Lindy West, that Penn described as being written by a cunt. I have to agree that she's a cunt! Go see her article at:


There were a whole bunch a commercial videos that mostly got a laugh out of me. They certainly weren't offensive.

West, however, saw the worst possible interpretation of each one, totally missing the humour in each as well. She sounds downright depressed, or maybe paranoid. I don't know, I'm no professional. My spidey sense says she's loony tunes in a chronic victim style though, and that's probably why the femthiests*, like Jenny Mcwrong would side with her.

Also, Penn used the word most forbidden in the femthiest* religion, 'cunt'. That's a high sin, a very high sin. It invokes the demons of oppression, rape and patriarchy in their beliefs. Such witches as those who would utter such horrors shall be outcasted and named as spawn of the very patriarchy itself. If female, we are 'gender traitors'

-- *Femtheists are bloggers who make like atheism and skepticism are their main shticks, yet they are really pushing a radical feminist agenda. At first that may seem compatible with other types of humanism or egalitarianism in general, but for one thing. No Scrutiny Allowed. Scrutiny Is Mutiny. All claims, both of alleged facts and ideological claims in general, MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED. Women (ones following the party line, that is) must be listened to and believed on any and all matters to do with, well, anything.

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