I witnessed this unbelievably brutal misuse of Police resources and am tweeting this on her behalf. Please contact me if you know the man who was arrested.
Thank you, Occupier Davis

My name is ****. Until tonight, I believed that if you didn't bug the police and followed the law, the police wouldn't bother you. I was walking ON THE SIDEWALK behind the march down Hawthorne tonight, walking behind the larger occupy group, when out of no where the PORTLAND POLICE SWAT pulled up and tackled me and several others that were WATCHING the march. I was on the side walk, not with the larger groups, following the law. I was not wearing a mask. I was not asked to comply with anything before being taken out.

We were taken down into the ivy bushes and held for a moment until we were let up. Moments after, me and a fella I was talking too just before being tackled (who had just arrived minutes before, black Columbia jacket and some blond facial hair) talked to the news radio station that was present, after speaking with the radio reporter for just a moment, swat moved back in and arrested the man I had been standing by.

Tonight, any faith I had left in Portland police's ability to PROTECT was shattered. PLEASE IF YOU CAN GET ME THIS FELLAS NAME... I WANT TO KNOW HE IS OK. We shared a moment after we were tackled making sure each other, and the people around us were ok and I would love to get in contact with him. I AM NOW A FULL SUPPORTER OF OCCUPYS MOVEMENTS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY. I will also be filing a complaint against the Portland Police. Please do not list my last name if this gets posted anywhere. I will be fighting this incident. Thank you- ****

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