“Where did you learn swordsmanship?”
“*** (it can mean F**k, Shit, Damn). So you’re testing me. No wonder it felt so easy fighting with you.”
Seol finally realized why Woon used his sword on her. But it was too late to regret.
“Your way of using the sword is my master’s. However, my master did not have any female disciple. Where did you learn it from? “
“I learnt it by myself. It is just pure coincidence that our swordplay is the same. Also, please put down your sword. If you continue doing this, you will chop my head off.” (Because Woon’s sword was still on Seol’s neck.”
Woon did not move his sword one bit. Seol laughed as she said:”Well, you can continue being like this, but my missy looks like she’s scared.”
Woon turned around, and he saw Wol’s surprised eyes. Woon coolly put away his sword. Wol wore her shoes, and walked towards Woon.
“Why are you here? Did anything happen to his majesty?”
“That’s not it, I just happened to pass by.”
“Then why did you have to fight with that child?”
“Because her swordsmanship was similar to mine, so I thought it was weird….”
“It should be just a coincidence. She learned it when she was just playing around with her sword. It’s impossible for her to have the same kind of swords technique as you.”
Seol interrupted and said:”Maybe our techniques are the same, but our strengths are worlds apart. I finally realize why the world says that no one can compare to Woon’s swordsmanship. It’s my honor to be able to fight with you.”
Even though Woon wanted to disagree, he did not continue to speak. He was afraid that others would have realized that he came here, so he went back. On the way back to the King’s palace, he suddenly stopped in his steps. The prince consort’s place, similar swordsmanship, and……………that servant! It seemed to have figured out something.
When Yeom and Woon were younger, they always practiced their skills together at Yeom’s house. After studying and discussing about papers together, the two of them will automatically go and practice their sword skills together. They had their sword master since young. As a result, Woon’s swordsmanship was always really good that he started to teach, Yangmyung learned it well soon enough, however, Yeom never was able to master it.
Yeom said back then:”I think I will never be qualified enough. Even Yeonwoo’s servant was able to learn the skill by just having one look. I’m actually even worse than that child.”
“Are you saying servant?”
“She always secretly looked as I practiced, and she sometimes told me how you taught when I was practicing.”
Yangmyung started laughing loudly.
“Hahahah Yeom ah, I always knew that you aren’t qualified enough, but it never crossed my mind that you were worse than a female servant! HAHAHA.”
Every time, after the three of them chatted together, Woon would always sense someone was spying on them. He thought that it should be that servant. However, gradually, there was no news of that child anymore.
Woon stopped in his steps, and thought carefully again. “From when onwards did that child stop peaking at us? It was the time when Yeonwoo died. Maybe it was during that time where she was sold to another household. If that’s the case, then it’s understandable that she goes to the prince consort’s house and has the same kind of sword techniques. But why did she lie about not knowing where the prince consort’s house is?”
Several officials came running up at down near Woon, who was still caught in his thoughts. As such, he could not continue thinking about the whole issue. The officials were running hastily to the court. At that moment, Woon had a strange hunch and quickly ran back to the King’s side. Fortunately, nothing happened to the king. However, his ease was short-lived. The officials that were running hastily just now passed a message through the retainers. After hearing the message, the retainer’s face changed color and reported to the king:”Your majesty, the Royal Investigation Bureau just….”
“What happened?”
“The former King’s official committed suicide a while ago.”
Hwon turned frustrated. He did not even ask the ex-official much. At first, he was speechless, but slowly, his head was filled with suspicions. The former King’s official committed suicide because he wanted to hide something. His death helped Hwon understand one thing. That is the reason as to why the King had a secret book. The former King’s official had to die because of only one reason. Even though Hwon could not clearly pinpoint what it was, he knew that the people that were involved in Yeonwoo’s death were certainly from the royal family. Murdering a crown princess is high treason, and therefore even if it’s someone from the royal family, it is impossible to resist the punishment of the act. As a result, the King had no choice but to hide the secret book.
The question is, who was it from the royal family? It must be someone who got a lot out of the death of Yeonwoo. That was no other than the Great Queen Dowager, the former King’s mother. However, Hwon was unable to prove this point as he had no evidence.

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