The Bromance Recap!
(T/N: Just so you don't get confused while checking their accounts side by side to make sense of the convo, we compiled everything in one long tweet post. :) Hope you enjoy!)

Joejjang: Turkey's great~~^^!/mjjeje/status/166190784155099137/photo/1

Yookcheoni: Even though you have a lot of experience, it can be difficult....because you are strong, you could crumble....

Yookcheoni: That seems to be the case for me...

Joejjang to Yookcheoni: Yoochun-ah, be strong~Jun-gu and Jae-jeul Hyung are here! Even though filming could be tough, hwaiting..!

Yookcheoni to Joejjang: Have you been drinking?? I love you~

Joejjang to Yookcheoni: it's still 6 o'clock here, what "drinking" are you talking about~ love youuuu~~ and be strong~ Think about what we talked about on my birthday and you'll be stronger^^

Yookcheoni: JYJ Hwaiting!!!!

Yookcheoni: Jaejoong Hyung's birthday~ Our conversation that time is secret~

Joejjang to Yookcheoni: This picture ㅎㅎ is very vivid [in my memory] ㅎㅎ

Yookcheoni to Joejjang: I miss you~~~ Come back to Korea soon~

0101jyunshyu to Yookcheoni: ㅋㅋ Yoochun-ah, whatchu doing??

0101jyunshyu to Joejjang: Something was really very fun..and enjoyableㅋAnyway, how's Turkey??

Joejjang to 0101jyunshyu: Turkey's so nice, let's go together in the future!

0101jyunshyu to Joejjang: I heard it's called "the flower of Eastern Europe" ㅠ

Joejjang to Yookcheoni: Yeah I have to attack you in your shooting location at least once! I'll go with Jungu~

Yookcheoni to 0101jyunshyu: Right~

Yookcheoni to 0101jyunshyu: Junsu-ya, I did "signal Junsu" again today i love yewwㅎㅎ

Joejjang to Yookcheoni and 0101jyunshyu: I have another shot of that picture.. ㅎ We were dangerous that day ㅎ!/mjjeje/status/166199607796301824/photo/1

0101jyunshyu to Joejjang: Everything that we talked about that day is a secret ㅋ

0101jyunshyu to Yookcheoni: kkkkkkkk

0101jyunshyu to Yookcheoni: You're good with everything but if you have any faults, it's that you're not funny..... ㅋㅋ

0101jyunshyu to Yookcheoni: that video where you showed me my flaw is being ugly....Even when I see it now, it's fatal ㅠ

Yookcheoni to 0101jyunshyu: I'm sorry Junsu-ya... I cannot make you laugh like this... I have to go out and die...

Joejjang to Yookcheoni and 0101jyunshyu: Yoochun-i who has a good looking ("Junsu-han") appearance is in the middle ("Jaejoong") of the shooting place

Joejjang to Yookcheoni and 0101jyunshyu: Yoochun-i, you have to make us laugh with your expressions

0101jyunshyu to Joejjang: Whoah this is fun

Yookcheoni: I'm out of battery ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

0101jyunshyu to Yookcheoni: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are you this funny

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