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I decided last minute while, working in the hospital and stalking twitter during the Letterman recording that i had to get to NYC, ASAP. So i made my schedule work and i left Boston that night 2 hours after i made up my mind, I bought a last minute ticket which left Boston at 10pm and would arrive in NYC at 2am. I went with 2 other Boston Sones who originally were going to leave that night and i managed to get on the same bus as well. During the ride into the City, the Girls were going to appear on Letterman, but i didn't bring a laptop, so i had to use my Touchpad which i never use but that day it worked wonders for me, I connected to Ustream and watched them perform the Boys at 1230am while on a Bus to NYC. The perf and utterly amazing we were spazzing and waking up other passengers but we didn't care. It was way too good to be quiet for. It was an amazing feeling and also first, to be able to stream on a moving bus it was epic, LOL.

We arrive in NYC at around 2am and walk to our hotel which was 2 blocks away, we check in and meet up with our friend and SSF writer Jon - MoonSoshi9. We head out to the ABC studio where they film ‘Live with Kelly’ and we got there at around 3am and there were already 8 people queueing in the standby line. We bundled up and got ready for the long cold miserable night, somewhere in that time frame it rained and was crazy windy which made it a lot worse. Starbucks across the street was our place of refuge throughout the morning. By about 745 a person comes out to hand us a paper with a number assigned to it and that was your ‘stand by’ number to try to get into the studio. My number just happened to be everyones favorite and lucky number.

At around 8 the Girls’ Generation Bus shows up and people make a mad dash for the bus door and the surrounding area. I took my usual spot at the head of the bus and just readied my phone for some good cams as the Girls came out. Wow, did they look stunning, I’ve seen them before in Concert and backstage at the NYC fan meet but man they still know how to take a persons breath away.

Soon as they go into the studio, we run back to our standby line and wait a little longer to be let in at 9. There were 2 separate lines one for ticket holders and the other line people who are trying to get in without tickets. Today there was a lot of people because Jennifer Lopez was a guest star and Howie Mandel was a guest host. J.Lo’s part was prerecorded so she was not present in the studio. The studio has a capacity of only 160, so we were kind of worried about getting in. 9am rolls around and a person comes up and lets the first 6 go into the studio and we were just waiting to be called in next, but the lady comes back out and asks to go in front of the GG bus and tells us to scream and promote the Girls. We asked if more would be let in she said she didn't know, so i screamed ‘just let 6 more in!!!’ She ignores me and tell us to cheer, scream GG etc etc. A couple minutes later she comes back out and she says ‘Ok, next 6’ i screamed ‘YES’ and ran inside, i guess someone heard me or ‘9’ really is my lucky number. Only a total of about 15 Sones were eventually let into the recording.

We get our bags checked and were led into the studio, Kelly and Howie had already started, so we sat down on the stairs and watched and got ready for Soshi. We got our cameras ready, our cheer towels, and lightsticks. They come out during a commercial break and got in their positions, stretched, etc. The Girls saw our section of Sones and waved blew kisses and everything.

The Performance starts and we fanchant (MANchant) like crazy! As soon, as we said ‘GG!’ Kelly, Howie and a lot of the members of the audience immediately turn around. They turn and look to us with surprised bewildered expressions on their faces it was hilarious. They looked so fascinated as we were doing our chants, and they turned around multiple times throughout the performance. It was at this moment, I was so happy because we were able to lend our Girls support and cheer them on like they were in Korea. This was my first time being a pterodactyl fan but it was an awesome experience. For 15 people, i think we did a great job with the cheers. Though, we were taken by surprise because a verse was taken out and the perf was cut short. But we worked with what we had and it turned out really well, so we’re all happy.

During the commercial break, Kelly and the Girls do ‘the Ripa’ and we continue to cheer for the Girls, we wish Sooyoung a happy birthday, the loudest being my fellow Boston friend, Eddie - ImYoonHa on SSF. The girls all notice our section, and wave, wink, blow kisses, shoot hearts everything in our direction it was AMAZING. Kelly and the Girls proceed to take pictures together and then exit off stage. We cheer them off

Kelly then proceeds to walk toward our section and with a mic asks us what the chants were about, what we were cheering for and if we could hear it again. Kelly was adorable because she genuinely seemed excited and was really curious what we were about and she says during the broadcast with the Girls that she's never heard such an ‘ovation’ before. We did a couple of the fanchants for her and she loved it and said she has never heard of anything like it before and loved our dedication.

We leave the show early to catch the Girls leaving outside, because frankly we were honestly there for them LOL, though we loved Kelly and the show was really funny. After this we enjoy the day and go celebrate with lunch in Ktown and meetup with other Sones to prepare for Best Buy

Fancams will be uploaded in a few hours, STAY TUNED

Checkout my SSF fan account page for Pictures and fancams

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