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4th Feb 2012 from Twitlonger

we are a group of americans living in the mahooz area... it seems that every single night we are gassed by the merceneries.. (today we counted 21 one after the other) ..we have stepped out on several occasions to check on what is happening and we see no one except the police in blue uniforms shooting in the area and harrasing the neighbourhood. i wonder why????? we can only come to the conclusion that the more tear gas canisters they use the bigger bonus they get. this is totally ridicilous...
some of us cant wait to finish our contracts and disappear from this pakistan infested merceneries on this land as we cannot handle the sore throats, burning eyes, rash and itchy skin, sleepless nights, panic attacks, trauma etc.. we advise all travellers whether tourists, investors or for employment to STAY AWAY from bahrain... do not believe what you see or hear on the news, just believe the opposite !!!!!.

Fed up Americans

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