Girls' Generation, 9 Korean girls that are swepting away the music charts. Here in Spain they are the first ones to make their way into the top selling chart. They style is irrelevant, the important thing is the look they sale. 9 girls become a crowd on stage with already thousands of female followers in New York.

The girl on the left is not suffering from stomach ache, it's her casual pose to capture the american music market. And even though their song sounds like more of the same, it seems like they are on their way to get it. Girls' Generation thought that female quartets and quintets were too unoriginal in the music industry so they are 9. And as in every mass phenomenon the private life is forbidden.

Jessica: We wish, can we have a boyfriend?

Maybe their mv's look more like feminine hygiene CFs but the formule works for them. They have already swept Korea and Japan and they are the first South Korean group to appear in the Spanish chart. In the US they introduced themselves with a less childish image and they can't go out alone.

Hyoyeon: We have to go out wearing hat and mask.

Seohyun: the problem is that if we cover ourselves the people look at us even more.

Tiffany: Right now is totally impossible for us to go to public places.

They are such a phenomenon that they visited by surprise the South Korean soldiers some days ago and this was the reaction. Like if they were 15-year-old fans, it was impossible to behave, these girls delighted the audience with their dances, their mini skirts and they even sing, even though that looks irrelevant in this kind of groups.

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