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[RT] the summary of what happened today between K-TVXQ fans and Shindong&Suju;manager

Shindong was talking about TVXQ reunion rumour on his Radio program ShimShimTaPa 2012.1.27-28
Full script in Korean
English Translation:
Full Audio

After his radio, K-tvxq fans have appealed his apology on the program opinion board in polite way.
But by Monday night 2011.1.30-31, Shindong and the program staffs did not say any apology about this issue. So, some K-fans mentioned their appeals to ShimShimTaPa twitter.
But Suju manager @forever15v_won mentioned two of tvxq fans by using rude words, ė‹œë„럎ė›Œ “Shut Up”

@TVXQ_TONE Right RT @Black_Tortoise baby2pa was talking to mbcshimtapa when the 'suJu manager' told her to shut up? Is that right?

And re-tweeted tvxq fan’s mention in order to let his followers who are Suju fans see it.
This caused Suju fans have attacked tvxq fans through twitters seriously today.

Currently TVXQ telzone makes the project that they collect and will send tvxq fans’ messages to SME
so if anyone want to join this project, please send me your message via twitter or email by tomorrow afternoon 2/1
then I will send your messages to the project manager.

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