Continuation, Part 2.

But Woon could only carry the sad expression on his face, staying in his original position. He waits till everyone has taken off to chase Hwon before he joins in the chase.
Hwon puts Wol onto his shoulders, and started laughing out loud. Hwon knew better than anyone else that he couldn’t possibly escape to outside the palace, but if he could not even act as if he was trying to escape, he would go crazy. As they travelled between the palaces, he could hear the footsteps of the pursuers getting closer to him. He started moving at a faster pace. Then, Hwon suddenly pulls Wol down to hide in the shadow of one of the palaces. Hwon was panting heavily, but upon his red face comes a bright smile.
“You need not worry, I have always been playing hide and seek since young, and I’ve never been found.”
“Where are we going?”
In the darkness, Hwon could not see Wol’s expression properly, but Hwon could sense the happiness within Wol, and rather than being like a shaman to him, she looked more like a young woman in love. Even though he wanted to look carefully at her face, but because of the darkness in the night, he was unable to see her properly, so Hwon used his hands in place of his eyes, and lightly stroked her face.
“I too, do not know where we are going. But as long as you are by my side…. Even if this can only last for a short while, I just want to be with you, alone.”
“But… your majesty…”
Wol was unable to say anything anymore, because Hwon’s lips have firmly sealed her lips.
Because he was still breathless after running just now, Hwon’s tongue seemed as if it was also affected, and it boldly reaches towards Wol’s who tightly sealed hers, as she was still too startled. As such, Hwon puts his hand on Wol’s chin, and opened a way for himself, sliding his tongue in to feel every part of her mouth. As he uses his tongue to warm up her mouth, his own tongue started to heat up as well. Slowly, Wol was could not feel the cold coming from the ground anymore. The warm temperature from their deep kiss made them both feel as if they are on fire. Their breathing turns heavy, and their hearts were racing. The retainers pass by the buildings, in which they were hiding beneath, however, they did not realize Hwon and Wol, and continues to search in the vicinity. It did not even cross their mind that the King would be hiding under the hall. Even in this situation, Hwon did not let Wol’s lips part from his. Wol did not move, because, more than Hwon, Wol was scared that Hwon’s lips would leave hers.
The footsteps of the guards looking in the vicinity slowly faded away, and as Hwon hear the guards gradually moving further away, he finally withdraws his lips from hers. He whispered: “Wol, are you good at running?”
“We have to run again. If you are unable to run, this time, I’ll carry you. Do you rather escaping with me by holding my hands, or with me carrying you? Which one do you want?”
Wol held Hwon’s hands, and then relied on the darkness in the night to say:”I want to run with you.”
“Actually, wherever we run to, we will not be able to leave this vast palace grounds. In this big palace, is there a place for us to hide? But… erm..”
Wol looks at the frustration on Hwon’s face.
“Erm…. Wol, I can’t seem to remember the security code for use within the palace for today. Because I was too busy and was in a rush, I am not sure if I wrote today’s code or yesterday’s code. This is big trouble… Let’s run with all our might. If we are caught by a guard that does not know my face, we might just be punished and die on the spot.”
After hearing what Hwon said, Wol was shocked. She then held his arms back.
“No, we can’t. We have to go back as soon as possible.”
“Let’s run!! I won’t go back, the only thing that can save me, is for us to run as fast as we can.”
Hwon pulled Wol’s hands and began to run. Wol did not know where Hwon wanted to bring her to, but even if its hell, she was willing to follow behind him.
Running like this, is just something temporary for the both of them, and so if they get caught, they can only return to their original positions, as the King and a Shaman. But even though he knew it was just temporary, Hwon still felt the happiness coming from within him.
After crossing the wall, from a far, they see a pond with a little pavilion in the middle of it. However, as there are too many imperial guards there, they were unable to go to the pond. Hwon and Wol stay back, waiting for a moment when the guards were not looking, for them to dash over. When the moment came, Hwon pulled Wol together with him through the bridge, and they both went into the pavilion. Through this entire period, Hwon was holding on to Wol’s hand tightly, never letting it go.
As they walked, Hwon took off his outer robe and lightly drapes it over Wol. Because it was the royal robe, Wol did not dare to wear it. She wanted to take it off immediately, but Hwon held her hands tightly, resisting her from doing anything.
“I hate seeing you cold. So, you wear it.”
“Because the weather is cold, the more, your majesty, you have to wear it. In actual fact, I should actually take off my outer coat to cover you.
“Uh Ho. You are such a bold woman. You even dare to take out your clothes in front of me?!”
“No, that’s not what I mean.”
“There are no place maids or officials here. It is only the two of us. So, there is no King and Shaman here. It is just a young man and woman here. Also, the robe I’m giving you is not a King’s royal robe now, and it is just a robe that contains the warmth a young man wants to give to a woman. Do you want to reject my sincerity to you?”

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