Hwon lets Wol go to the rest room(the room for her to rest) after my last translation. Between my last translation and this part I’m gonna translate now, it was about Nokyoung and Wol’s conversation(She remembers her past in the book), and this part is pretty irrelevant to the drama, since in the drama she does not remember her past, so yeah. I’m moving on to the next part.

Hwon was investigating Yeonwoo’s death by looking at the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat, but he failed to find out anything from it.
“Return the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat.”
HS looked at Hwon’s bleak expression, so he asked worriedly:”Nothing at all?”
“Yes, nothing at all. Nothing!”
“So what do you plan to do now?”
Hwon laid his head down on his book desk and said:”Why hasn’t Wol returned? Didn’t I tell her to stay at the rest room?”
“But, your majesty…”
“Quickly bring her back! I can’t breathe already!”
The discomfort on Hwon’s face made HS worried. Getting Wol from the Shaman hall will take a long time.
During the wait, Hwon did not move one bit. Even until Wol came, and greet him, he did not move. Woon too, was looking down during that whole time. He did not even look up to see Wol. When Wol was finding her position to sit down, Hwon angrily opened his mouth.
“Where are you sitting? Is that where I asked you to sit?”
Wol looked up to HS. HS looked at her, and using his eyes, he told her to move to Hwon’s side immediately.
As Wol came closer to sit, Hwon sorrowfully started to say:”Are my words not words? Did I not tell you to stay at the rest room?”
“Do you have any hardships?”
Hwon did not say anything, but buried his head onto her thighs and grabbed Wol’s hands, which were stiff because she was shocked. The officials and palace maids turned they heads away. Woon turned his body away as well. The Hwon that was enduring his grief said:”To the you, that is alive, I can’t even do anything… So to the dead, what can I do?”
Hwon moved his hands to Wol’s red ribbon on her hair, and with the red ribbon locked in his eyes, he lightly kissed the red ribbon, and murmured: “I can’t even untie this red ribbon. Yours, and…. When I want to remove the hairpin that ties up your hair, I don’t want to think of others… I am unable to do anything… Still, I am the king.”
“You have not said anything wrongly.”
“Yes right… To you, wol, I’m also nothing but a King.”
The Hwon he was hiding his sorrow on Wol’s thighs suddenly stands up and then sits down properly…
“The moonlight looks good, let’s go out for a walk.”
Everyone knew that the king was just finding an excuse, because the moon outside looked dull. But comparing to the depressed atmosphere in the room, everyone felt that it was better to go out for a walk.
Wol too, stood up, but it didn’t seem as if she was planning to follow Hwon on his walk. Hwon smiled as he said: “Wol, you have to go too. What if I bump into evil spirits while walking?”
As HS did not know what Hwon was thinking, he felt uneasy again, however, without even thinking, he gave the expression to Wol, telling her to follow Hwon immediately.
At first, Wol was walking slowly behind the palace maids. Hwon looked as if nothing had happened and walked in front. After a while, Hwon made Wol walk by his side. They just silently walked. Hwon did not even care when he saw that Wol was shivering due to the cold. Woon was walking behind them, and because he was worried about Wol’s body, he quickly glanced at Wol’s back. Once more, Hwon stopped his footsteps and looked up to the stars in the sky. He composedly held Wol’s hands, and turned around saying: “All of you are following too closely, move back.”
Even though they were surprised, they did not move one step, and remained at their position.
“Uh Ho. I told you guys to move further away!”
HS was feeling really worried, however, he cannot disobey the king, just because he does not know the king’s thoughts. Other than Woon, everyone else moved two to three steps back. Hwon looked at Woon and said: “Woon, move back as well.”
Without having a choice, Woon quietly moved back two steps. Hwon used his hand to signal for him to move back even more. When Hwon was finally satisfied with the distance, he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. He then used his hand to lift her chin and laughed. Wol quietly said: “What are you doing now?”
“You guess what am I trying to do? As a Shaman, you should be able to guess it right?”
Wol was silent, so Hwon smiled and then whispered:”Seeing that you are unable to guess, I guess you are not a shaman. If you try to bluff me one more time, you shall be asked of your crime.”
Hwon wanted to seal his lips onto hers… The Wol who knew Hwon’s thoughts wanted to turn her head to avoid it, however, Hwon put his hand to firmly hold her chin. Surprisingly, he did not kiss her, but just remained at a position near her lips, as if he wanted to kiss but did not. He then turns his eyes to the retainers.
They were all looking down. At that moment, he quickly plants a kiss on her gentle lips. Hwon then pulls Wol and they take off running. As Wol was still in a daze and felt as if the person beside her was not the real Lee Hwon. Hwon ran as he said: “This is an order. You are not to say anything. Just pretend you did not see anything.”
Woon understand Hwon’s heart, so he did not raise his head, letting the two of them escape.. The retainers then finally realized what has happened and started their pursuit, however Hwon was far in front of them already.

Please credit @redpinkboxes or jaejoongstolemyheart @soompi.

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