Before this scene, Hwon was checking the Shaman registry with the professor, to find out more about Wol’s background… However, as Nokyoung did not leave any information of her in the registry, Hwon was not able to find out much about her. This happens the day after he realizes that she’s the shaman by her side (The day after the part of the chapter I translated).

“My head is in pain, call the shaman over.”
HS was of course worried about Hwon’s health, so even if he thinks that Hwon is acting sick, he will still be worried.
“I think calling the royal doctor would be a better idea.”
Hwon looked to the professor and said:”Bring her over now! As long as I have the shaman, my head wouldn’t be pain! Go now!”
The professor had no choice but to leave to the Shaman hall to get Wol.
The room was only left with HS, Woon and Hwon.
“Woon, don’t you think it’s weird? Tell me what is weird here.”
“In other membership registry, they will describe how the Shaman looks like and other information in detail, however, this membership registry is different.”
“How different is it?”
“It’s as if they are trying to hide someone.”
“Also, even though the other shamans in this registry do not have their faces and all in detail, however, they at least have their age and name in it. However, Wol does not have them. It’s as if they are trying to hide something about her. The person that wrote no name down in the registry is Shaman Jang. Why is that so…?
With this, Hwon gets more curious about wol.
After a while, Wol comes in and bowed four times to Hwon. Wol still looks as beautiful as the first time Hwon met her. Hwon held his hands on his forehead and ordered Wol to come closer.
He looked straight into her eyes the moment she came closer.
“My head was too pain so I called you over earlier, touch my forehead now.”
Hwon looked at the hesitant Wol, and impatiently grabbed her hand and put it on his forehead.
Wol wanted to pull back her hand, however Hwon was holding it too tightly.
“I knew it, it’s not pain anymore. What is this all about? Why is it, whenever I have you, I won’t be in pain anymore?”
Wol wanted to pull her hand back again, but Hwon pulled her by her waist instead, into his arms.
“Don’t move.”
Hwon caressed both her hands, and even HS felt awkward. After caressing her hands for a while, he interlocked his hands with hers, and smiled saying:”Your hands are really beautiful, the SeomSeomOckSu (Some Jade hand description) hands they say, is talking about your hands.”
“Your majesty, your hands are the same.”
“But of course. Since young, I have not done any menial work. The most I did was to shoot arrows, or write while studying. Your hands too, look liked all you did was to flip pages of books.”
Lee Hwon put Wol’s hands down to hug her instead, and then whispered into her ears, saying:”You didn’t know your identity before becoming a Shaman right? But I can guarantee that you come from a wealthy family. If you don’t tell me, I will go and investigate. Ah, right, I was faking about my headache. I did that because I missed you, so don’t be angry.”
HS was getting really worried that they will get too intimate with each other. HS knows that the moon Hwon missed was Wol and he therefore felt uneasy about it.
“His majesty, do you not want to read the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat anymore?”
Hwon looked at HS and then slowly moved away from Wol to the read the records. As soon as HS finally felt relieved, Hwon quickly kissed Wol on the cheek, and then looked back at the record book.
“HS, kissing her cheek is nothing much, don’t look at me with that kind of eyes.”
HS took a look at wol, and of course, Wol was more shocked than anyone else. Hwon also looked at Wol.
“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Okay, then let me receive my punishment.”
As soon as his voice faded, Hwon once again, quickly kissed Wol on her lips. His face held a playful smile.
“His… His majesty..”
Looking at uneasiness on Wol’s face, Hwon became even happier. He laughed heartedly as he read the records.
“Hahaha. I can see that even a kiss on the lips is okay. If the cheek is fine, kissing on the lips is definitely fine as well. Wol, I definitely will not give up on you. I will find a way, wait for me. If anything happens to you because of me, still, don’t leave me. That is my only request of you.”
Woon and HS both knew that Hwon was actually only forcing a smile. Wol, on the other hand, is getting further and further away from the promise she had with Nokyoung, and as such, she gets more afraid.

Please credit @redpinkboxes or jaejoongstolemyheart @soompi.

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