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30th Jan 2012 from Twitlonger

So, i did met kristen Stewart yesterday. At 3pm there were pictures of her at CDG airport. So arround 5pm i've decided to hang out in Paris , next to big hotels to get a chance to see her. When I passed by the xxxxxxxxx hotel, we saw a big car which looked like the one on the pics , so we got all excited. Then, in the car we saw her frecnh BG ( it's always the same guy lol, she had the same one in 2009 , Rob had the same in April 2011 and October 2011 , Jude Law and patrick dempsey too.) So we were sure that she was going out ! I couldn't believe ! You should have seen us :,))) !!! Arround 8:30pm she finally came out !!! We were 5 ( but one of us just came to take pics of us with Kristen, she is not a fan). We werre really calm and i said " Kristen!" So she looked at us and she smiled so cute an waved, but we didn't have our mags and stuff in our hands so i think just was a little confused like " are they here for me ?" But then one of them approach her with her DVD and asked her an autographe so she stopped , and said like " sure ! " And signed , at the same time I told her " we are so proud of you" and she was so happy about it !! then I approach her and handed her my little canvas and I told her " a huge one please ! " And she asked me " just one ?? " " Yes a big one here ! " And she signed it :,) !!! Then one of us asked her for a pic and again she said " sure" and put her arm on her shoulder , it was so cuuute i coudn't believe it ! And then i took one step and asked " can I ... " But she instantly understood that i was asking her for a pic and said " yeah of course ! " And she aloso put her arm on my shoulder and then : i died. No, lol seriously, while we were taking the pic my friend Marisa asked her " do you like Paris?" And she said " yeah !! " And something else I can't remember. Then my other friend took a pic with her. I just couldn't believe she was here! Ruth and HBG were smiling at us :D ! And then she started saying goodbye and noticed she still had my Sharpie in her hand so she gave it to my friend and then said goodbye ! She had a black cellphone on the pocket of her jean. And she was so so so pretty ! She is so skinny and so cuuute !! Just perfect !!! Also, she had her black hoodie under her jacket , i was so happy to see THE hoodie ! Haha !! She is so so so so nice with her fans. Just be respectful :,) i already tweeted the pic of my autograph, and i'll upload my pic with her when she won't be in paris anymore since you can reconize the hotel.

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